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Scientific Program

This program intentionally contains a range of cross cutting themes so we welcome submissions from the entire range of the IUGGs remit from volcanology to geomagnetism and everything else, provided it have a mathematical slant. The subheadings below are intended to provide inspiration rather than a strict program. If you have any concerns regarding the suitability of your work, please email the conference contact mathematicalGeophysics2012@gmail.com

Invited Speakers

We have several esteemed invited speakers talking during the week. Please have a look at the invited speaker profile page for more information.


1. Mathematics of planet Earth - Monday

Invited Speaker:
  • Chris Jones: "Data Assimilation and Climate Research: do they work well together?"
Convener: Mary Lou Zeeman
  • Mathematics of climate
  • Application of novel mathematical approaches to the geosciences
  • Collaborative math-geosciences initiatives

2. Solving Geophysical Problems - Monday

Invited speaker:
  • Malcolm Sambridge: "Geophysical inference using the wisdom of the crowd"
  • Finn Lindgren: "Stochastic uncertainty quantification for global climate data"
Conveners:Roel Snieder
  • Elegant analytics
  • Computational methods
  • Statistical insight
  • Complex and non-linear
  • Visualising the problem

3. Ocean processes: from small scale to global circulation - Tuesday

Invited speaker: Convener: Henk Dijkstra (Utrecht University)
  • From small scale, sub mesoscale and mesoscale turbulence to large scale circulation
  • Overturning and horizontal circulations and their interaction.
  • Basin-scale variability and processes, and inter-basin ocean teleconnections.

4. Earth system dynamics - Tuesday and Wednesday

Invited speaker:
  • Dan Rothman "Methanogenic Blow-up in the End-Permian Carbon Cycle"
  • Felix Ng "Wave structures in the firn of the Antarctic Ice Sheet"
Conveners: Antonello Provenzale (Torino)
Simon Mudd (Edinburgh)
  • Climate landscape interactions
  • Ice-earth-ocean interactions
  • Earth-life interactions

4. Crustal dynamics - Thursday

Invited speaker:
  • Michel Campillo "Noise, scattering and monitoring of seismic speeds in the crust"
Convenors: Yehuda Ben-Zion (University of Southern California)
Andrew Bell (Edinburgh)
  • Physics of earthquakes and faults
  • Spatio-temporal seismicity patterns beyond universal scaling laws
  • Bridging among scales and frameworks of crustal deformation

2. Earth observation - Thursday

Invited speaker: Conveners: Andrew Curtis (Edinburgh)
  • Seismic interferometry
  • Imaging fault zones and complex crustal environments
  • Mantle tomography
  • Remotely sensing geophysical fluid dynamics

7. Rationalising models with observations - Friday

Invited speaker:
  • Tom Jordan: "Earthquake Forecasting: Posing the Problem and Evaluating Solutions"
Conveners: Ian Main (Edinburgh)
  • Are blind tests the only way to validate a model
  • Getting beyond the noise
  • Building process into statistical forecasts
  • Data assimilation

8. Mechanisms of Atmospheric-climate variability and change - Friday

Invited speaker: Conveners: Brian Mapes (Miami)
  • Large scale atmospheric patterns and variability
  • Extreme weather events
  • Inter-annual tropical and extra-tropical variability
Conference Contact: mathematicalGeophysics2012@gmail.com